Integrative Massage

Choose 60-90-120 minutes

This full body massage is customized to meet your individual needs. A variety of techniques are integrated from a broad range of modalities such as Swedish, Thai, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Craniosacral, Reiki & Prenatal. This treatment takes theory and techniques from these modalities to achieve deep relaxation while relieving chronic pain. The client  will disrobe to their personal comfort level and lie on the massage table for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Organic oils are used during this session.

Traditional Thai Massage

Choose 30-60-90-120 minutes

Thai Yoga Bodywork treats the whole body with rhythmic compression of the muscles, tendons and energetic pathways, along with passive stretches or assisted yoga postures. This full body massage will release tension, improve postural alignment, relieve aches and pains, lubricate the joint capsules, deeply detoxify the body and helps to improve joint flexibility. Thai Massage is performed on a mat fully clothed and no oils are required. Wear or bring the type of clothes you would to the gym or yoga class. You will be relaxed yet invigorated after this treatment.

Swedish Massage

Choose 60-90-120 minutes

This full body treatment is sometimes referred to as “classic massage” here in the US and is intensely relaxing. Organic oils are used, which aids in achieving a soothing experience while mild to moderate pressure is used. The client typically will disrobe for this massage, and it is conducted on a massage table with secure draping for ultimate comfort. It is a wonderful way to clear away stress and feel rejuvenated.


Massage Cupping

Add cupping to any massage at no extra charge. "Moving cups" for millennia has been a home remedy used in many countries around the world. Cupping aids in conditioning muscles, connective tissue and lymph by improving oxygen and nutrients to impaired tissue without compression onto nerves. 

30 minutes / $40
60 minutes / $85
90 minutes / $110
120 minutes / $135




60 minutes / $110
90 minutes / $135
120 minutes / $150

Event or Workplace Thai or Table Massage

Offer preventive health care to your staff and peers. Massage has been shown to improve productivity as well as reduce sick days and work related injuries.